Tuesday, February 14, 2012

My sister pointed out a news story to me yesterday that literally stopped me in my tracks.  I read a lot, a really lot, and I am almost never as shocked as I was at this article.

Did you hear about the experiment that the Washington Post did with famous violinist Joshua Bell?  Basically, they wanted to observe how people perceived beauty and appreciated music.  They placed Mr. Bell in a subway where he pulled out his violin (a virtually priceless one too) and began to play some of the most beautiful pieces of music ever composed.  After a few minutes, a man rushed by and threw some money into the violin case and appeared to not even listen to the tune.  For 45 minutes people kept rushing by, a few children tried to stop but their parents pulled them along quickly.  In the end he had collected something like $32 and no applause.  Only two nights before he had played before a full house with seats that sold for more than $100 each.  And thunderous applause.

I read the story (you can read all of the details here) and almost started to cry.  Not for Joshua Bell, actually, I've never listened to a single piece that he's played.  But I felt deep compassion for the every single person that passed through that subway station that morning.  They missed out.  A free concert from one the best performers in the world, and they were too busy.  And I knew that I would have kept walking too.  How many times, every day in fact, do I just keep going when I should stop.  Stop and look or stop and listen and then stop and thank God for blessings.  Big things, little things, it doesn't really matter.  Everyday I let beauty pass me by, without notice.  As I type this my sister is playing Canon on the piano.  I'm temped to roll my eyes, because I don't care for that song.  It's beautiful, but I feel that it is overdone.  And then I am convicted to listen, you know, actually own up to what I'm writing.  And to be thankful.

Today, look for beauty and give thanks.

Thursday, February 2, 2012

Several months ago I was mentally preparing myself for the season that is called January.  December is such a fun time at our house and there are so many things going on it that it just flies by.  And I knew that we had several adventures planned for February.  But not January, if there is a month that is known for dragging along and covering us with winter snow and ice, its January.  Do you want to know something?  With an (on purpose) better attitude and the blessing of a mild winter (thus far) the month just disappeared.

Welcome to February