Saturday, March 30, 2013

Pondskipping | Day Six | Kensington Palace

We thoroughly enjoyed poking around Kensington. They had a great exhibit going on that incorporated lines from the diaries of Queen Victoria into the actual artifacts, carpets and walls. You can tell a lot about people by reading the words they have written about their on lives. It gave a great insight info the real life of the queen. In another exhibit, the displays were unique and actually very hip which made me laugh. "Hip" as in massive paper cutouts, birds everywhere, and Alice in Wonderland-ish display pieces. Just a little out of place if you ask me. I was hoping to see Princess Di's gowns, but they weren't on display this time. We were able to finish our tour up at the cafe, the museums in London have cafe's like none other, and met up with our dear friend Beecher!
|photo by anna|

Pondskipping | Day Five | Agatha Christie's "The Mousetrap"

We attended a performance of the worlds longest running play! Something like number 25,137. I was so pleasantly surprised with the whole thing and the fact that you can't guess the ending! We spent the whole intermission running through possible suspects and couldn't have been more wrong! Being in the historic St. Martin's Theater made it even more fun!
|photo by anna|

Thursday, March 21, 2013

Pondskipping | Day Four | Hampton Court Palace

Hampton Court is located outside of London, about a 30 minute train ride. I love big cities but getting the opportunity to go to the countryside is always worth it. It was cold and wet (of course!), but we were still able to explore the castle grounds, eat lunch at the fabulous Tiltyard Cafe and run through the worlds oldest hedge maze (two lefts and right and we never hit a dead end!). Next time, I would love to spend the day visiting the little village that surrounds the castle. So lovely!
|photo by anna|

Sunday, March 17, 2013

Pondskipping | Day Three | HMS Belfast

Docked in London is the HMS Belfast. A huge ship with a great history. I was especially fascinated to find out that this ship had been in Normandy. My grandfather was in Normandy at D-Day plus 10 and my family was able to tour the beaches in June of 2012. Here's a photo of me sending a morse code message. It was an activity for the kids, but the crew humored us...
|photo by anna|

Saturday, March 16, 2013

Pondskipping | Day Three | Parliament

The tour of parliament was so interesting. It's hard for me to wrap my American brain around such things, but I was really impressed by the level of honor and respect that the British people bestow on their monarch. At the same time, thankful to live in a country that does things differently.

Here we are outside Westminster Abbey, waiting to get into parliament.
|photo by anna|

Pondskipping | Day Two | Churchill War Rooms

The highlight of everyone 's day was Winston Churchill's War Rooms. Unbelievable! I've experienced many museums and this was by far, the most well put together one I've seen. There were parts that were literally untouched since the war ended and other exhibits that we're so high tech that I'm wondering if they weren't created specifically for this museum. I also can't believe that I've missed this on my previous trips to London. A must see!
|photo by anna|

Friday, March 15, 2013

Pondskipping | Day Two | Kate

We wanted to pop into the National Portrait Museum for a few minutes and ended up staying for much longer. I'd been before, but enjoyed seeing all of those famous faces again. Kate was in room 37, which was a most pleasant surprise (regardless of you feel about it!) and I loved seeing her portrait in person. We decided that she's probably frowning because she was placed in the same room as this ridiculous "photo" of David Beckham, and by "photo" I mean, two second film clip on repeat of him sleeping. Who comes up with this stuff?

Pondskipping | A Fortnight in London

Work hasn't been the only thing keeping me busy these last few weeks.

About six weeks ago, a friend pitched the idea to me of us traveling to London, as students, to work on a radio drama production for Lamplighter Publishing. I'm not talented when it comes to acting, singing or camera work, but they promised that we would not lack for jobs to do. To be able to see the behind the scenes of how radio is done and meet some of the same people who worked on Adventures in Odyssey is mind blowing! I'm thrilled!

And it's a dream come true!

So we kicked around tons of suggestion, booked some tickets, her parents will join us for the first week to do some sightseeing and we packed our bags.

And off we headed. To London!