Wednesday, April 9, 2014

doings | but mostly, wedding cake

first wedding of the year with Brooke  |  photo by my favorite Kathryn Grace


Remember me?  I'm the one over here who claims to write a blog.


The past few weeks have been busy.  My life is usually pretty quiet, and then there are those times when everything that could possibly happen, happens in the same two week span.
a tiny glimpse into our styled shoot...
The styled shoot I've been planning with friends for several months was last saturday.  I was so excited to finally see it all come together.  Our theme was "Wedding Brunch at the Hunt Club" and I "promise promise promise" there will be photos but in order to publish them there is a lag time due to exclusivity rights.  Unfortunately, when it comes to that, the stylist is at the bottom of the food chain...  I can tell you that I am so very pleased at the results and can't wait to see the sneak peek from our photographer.
celebrating a successful styled shoot with, what else, wedding cake!
My great uncle passed away last week.  It was a sad day for our family.  All ten of us kiddos were close to him and have the best memories of spending time with him over our lifetime.  He was diagnosed with cancer in January and lived exactly two months past that.  It was just enough time for him to say goodbye.  We made a special trip to Indianapolis about a month ago and even though he was very near the end, we were so blessed to be able to have one last time sitting around his hospital bed laughing as he told some more "Uncle Charlie stories"!  The man was always a nut!  And we miss him.

The next morning, Dad and I left at dark o'clock in the morning and drove up to the factory.  He had some meetings and I was helping to arrange a few things for the luncheon that afternoon.  We also brought along some friends to tour the facilities while we were busy.  And I got to spend the night at my Mimi's house, which is always a highlight.  I'm twenty five years old and I still love drinking root beer floats on her couch.
grand entrance!
I spent Friday and Saturday helping with the wedding our our dear friend Susan!  She'd asked me to be her day-of coordinator back in January and I was happy to do it.  My word did she make it easy on me!  Everything flowed along so smoothly!  Except for the poor pew decorations.  Note to self: hydrangeas are fickle, and very thirsty, arrange them the day "of" the wedding.  Even that problem was solved quickly!  Brooke helped with wedding hair and our friend Madisson, who was in town for the wedding, was a huge help to me as we worked on all of the final details!  We had the best time catching up while blowing up balloons and picking up ice and trying to remain calm.  The Lord was good to us and Neil and Susan looked so happy.  She wore her mother's wedding dress and the best cowgirl boots I've ever seen!

That's about it, weddings, a funeral, work and life in general.

But mostly, wedding cake.
Neil & Susan's delicious cake!