Friday, December 11, 2015

| five things...


Its been a while.  I'd apologize, but I've always felt that real life is more important than social media.  When I'm busy (or happy) I completely forget to write, take pictures, update, etc.  There has to be a better way to keep up with it. But honestly, I'm not much of a social media girl, it's usually the first thing to go.

That being said.  Hi!  I hope you're well.  Things are well in my world.  Up to my eyeballs with a new business start-up.  We're in a very frustrating phase where things are getting done, but the progress is slow, and it start-stop-start-stop.  Ahhhhh!  January, we'll be ready for you.  Meanwhile, I'll be hanging more twinkle lights.

Five things off the top of my head:

1.  Truffle Popcorn
Y'all.  It's the fanciest.  A dear friend of ours, who visited for thanksgiving, was talking about his signature truffle popcorn (apparently it contains truffle butter, truffle oil AND truffle salt!).  I'd forgotten how much I loved this snack.  It took me three weeks to locate some truffle salt in my little cowtown, but I finally did yesterday and MY GRACIOUS!!!
Photo & recipe from With Style & Grace blog.  I just used melted european butter & truffle salt, but her recipe sounds better!

2.  Legging are not pants
Hey!  Just a reminder.  I did, however, love her reference to "working out my words" pants.  She's a funny lady.

3.  Poshmark
In case you felt convicted from the above video and need to purchase some new PANTS.  I love love love Poshmark!  Brooke and I use this all the time to clean out our closets.  It's also a great way to polish up on your shopping math (anything you sell, then recycle into posh money, then purchase new things with is FREE! I've gotten 2 pairs of FREE kate spade shoes, designer jeans & more!)
My profile is here:

4.  Hallmark Christmas Movies
They're sweet and cheesy and Christmasy and they have catchy titles such as "A Bride for Christmas" or "Holiday Mix-Up".  Since my grandparents now live approximately 10 minutes away we like to stop by to visit and take advantage of their full cable package.  Mimi loves all of the granddaughter time and Boppa usually heads out to do manly things.  Bless his heart.  I've been told I'm the "hallmark girl", which is not true, okay, maybe a little.  My current favorite is Love At The Thanksgiving Day Parade.  The main character is eerily similar to myself.  It's her love of vintage clothing. 

5.  Goodbeing Box
I absolutely abhor shopping for cosmetics.  And being the natural products industry for practically my entire life has made me a little cautious about what beauty products I use (except for my hairspray, I'm dedicated to hair excellence, that's not going anywhere).  This makes shopping at Sephora my biggest nightmare.  So I signed myself up for a Goodbeing box, filled out an extensive questionnaire and when my box came I was completely delighted with every single thing in my box.  My second box arrived the other day and, again, I couldn't have been happier!

That's all I've got.  I'm off to wrap up some Christmas shopping and pull things together for our Ugly Sweater party tomorrow!

Have a great weekend!