Saturday, March 30, 2013

Pondskipping | Day Six | Kensington Palace

We thoroughly enjoyed poking around Kensington. They had a great exhibit going on that incorporated lines from the diaries of Queen Victoria into the actual artifacts, carpets and walls. You can tell a lot about people by reading the words they have written about their on lives. It gave a great insight info the real life of the queen. In another exhibit, the displays were unique and actually very hip which made me laugh. "Hip" as in massive paper cutouts, birds everywhere, and Alice in Wonderland-ish display pieces. Just a little out of place if you ask me. I was hoping to see Princess Di's gowns, but they weren't on display this time. We were able to finish our tour up at the cafe, the museums in London have cafe's like none other, and met up with our dear friend Beecher!
|photo by anna|

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