Thursday, July 10, 2014

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After watching the fireworks light up the Normandy coast on June 5th, we went back to our chalet to get about three hours of sleep before driving back to Omaha Beach for the sunrise ceremonies.  

Was that ever worth the effort.

Military bands played and hundreds of people gathered at the water to pay their respects.
We stood and watched the horizon as the sun rose, imagining what it must have looked like at that exact moment 70 years ago when our troops arrived on the shore  I could almost see those 6500 ships anchored offshore, waiting,  as the fog lifted, for the longest day to begin.  Honestly, we can't comprehend how horrific it would have been.  Beautiful blueish green water and creamy sandy beaches became red in a just moments.

This statue was unveiled that morning.  It's of a Ranger, carrying his friend to safety.  The flowers are from grateful communities in the Omaha Beach area.  70 years later and the scene has returned to one of peace, the beaches are beautiful again.  

And look at that, our flags are flying high next to each other.  As a tribute to the French and Americans who fought together.

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