Tuesday, October 7, 2014

photographed | my people | summer 2014

These are my people.  All nine of them.  And I love them.

It amazes me to look at them to see the variation of our genes.  Our theme this year was "bohemian family band", hilarious when you understand that we are neither bohemian or musicians.  I gave the kids a color scheme and generously offered that they could bring along any props that made their hearts go pitterpat.  We had an Indian headdress, various stringed instrument including a uke, coonskin cap, a coffee grinder, and Rosemary the turtle. 

Daniel tripping over a clump of clover...

It's Abbe Crocket and her glam sidekicks.

Do-Re-Mi and all of that...

Oh my heart.

The preppy Christmas card shot.

 The lighting was perfect that evening, we headed out to the our new house site and tramped through the fields.  Kathryn Grace (of course!) photographed us and we had a great time.  I like to throw crazy ideas for photo shoots at her and she always shows up with so much enthusiasm and then proceeds to capture the EXACT photo I had in mind!  I love it!

For more photos, click over here...

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