Monday, December 8, 2014

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This is probably one of my favorite thrift store finds.  Of all time.  The funny thing is that the scarier the store, the better the stuff inside.  Sorry, that's just how it works.  

I ventured into said "scary store" a few weeks back, remember the ugly sweater search?  While this shop didn't have any Christmas sweaters, I did find a gorgeous vintage wool cape that has been so much fun to wear.  Ahem, another story for another day...

Anyway, back to my PHONE.  I was on my way out of the store and saw that it was sitting on top of a jewelry case.  Hmmm.  I kinda checked it out and decided to move on.  Wrong move Abbe.  The second I got in my car, I instantly started thinking about it again.  Then I googled it.  Because I'm slightly crazy or so my sister said after I refused to stop talking about it all afternoon.  It was all her fault for not making me buy it right the and there.

Blinking lights.  It had blinking lights!!!
Among other fabulous features.  Spandex suit and batteries not included.

The deciding factor for me in going back to the thrift store (something I never do) was the fact that this little guy was for sale of ebay for upwards of $60.  Can you say collectors item!!!

I brought Miss Grace along with me for moral support and we marched back in to claim my prize, which was now on sale for an extra 30% off!  Just when you thought things couldn't get any better!  Haha!

Then we made a pretend superhero phone call/photo op in the target parking lot and sent it off to our closest friends.  I was Elastagirl (of course) and she was Violet.

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