Friday, June 14, 2013

finds | pacifica skin care

New favorite product alert!

The coconut water face cleansing wipes from Pacifica are amazing!  Brooke and I just started getting into the face wipes for traveling, they're seriously so great for trips and save a ton of space in your suitcase by not packing face wash, toner, etc.

This is my favorite yet because I've been a huge fan of Pacifica for years and because they are one of the more natural cosmetic companies and their scents are so perfect!

You can purchase them at Target or Pacifica.  You're welcome.


  1. How funny, just today I was wondering if there were any good natural perfume/cosmetic products that were readily available (that you don't have to go poking around in boutique shops to find). So... Target. Who knew? :-)

    1. I highly recommend them. The Backdrop on the square also carries Pacifica and they've got a great selection. I love to give their products as gifts!