Monday, November 18, 2013

delightful | new lamplighter theater!

Remember last March when I spent a week in London with Lamplighter Publishing working on two new radio dramas?

Allow me to introduce...

Two brand new Lamplighter Theater projects just out!  I've listened to Titus all the way through and loved every second, all over again.

Here's a behind the scenes shot of the recording room (I was in the soundbooth checking scripts) with the group of gentlemen who played characters in Titus.  You may also recognize the man in the orange shirt... It's John Rhys Davies!

You can buy either the books or the Lamplighter theater or you can even download the audio right now.
Find it all here...

Check out the Lamplighter Blog to read more about our time in London with the cast and crew!
Lamplighter Guild Blog - London

And just for giggles, click over here to watch a video of a very awkward me interviewing Peter Moreton.  He was such a delight to work with, hilarious and a veteran actor.  His stories were the best.  You will quickly see why I'm such a "behind the curtain girl".  I never claimed to be Barbara Walters.
Watch  it here... Abbe interviews actor Peter Moreton


  1. Ooh, goody! Titus is one of my favorite books ever, I will have to check that out!
    You were not awkward… you were put together and sophisticated, as always. :-)

    1. It's the best radio drama they've done yet. Haha! I panic on camera, not my thing.