Friday, November 8, 2013

travels | turkey & greece 2013 | the food!

Vacation is all about the amazing food, right? 

Okay, good, I'm glad we had this talk. 

My family loves Greek food!  We regularly visit Greek restaurants in the city and also do a lot of Greek-style cooking at home.  Ask any of us what we were most looking forward to on our trip, the answer was always "the food!". 

Here are my highlights (or the few things that I remembered to photograph), not the best photos, but the memories are happy.
I try to eat gelato everyday when I'm in Europe.  Its good to have goals.
Word y'all!  This was a chicken gyro from a street vendor in Athens.  Best thing I ate on this trip. 
Greek Salad!  Talk about a hunk 'o feta.  I ate one per day, salad that is. 
I like to think it balanced out the daily serving of gelato.
Our boat had 24/7 room service. 
This was my perfect breakfast of fruit, coffee, lox (no bagel please) and hashbrowns.
Bakery in Mykonos.  The donuts were all that!


  1. It's definitely all about the food. :-) We just got back from Hilton Head and ooooh, boy, we tried so many great restaurants. Not that it's the same as eating food in another country. But you get my drift...