Wednesday, April 24, 2013

thoughts | greek salad

I'm not the only curious one here, The Chief took Brooke and I out to lunch yesterday. The consensus was Angelo's. Of course.

The place looked great! The Food Network unicorns did a great job of sneezing on everything. The menu was new and the place was packed out. It's still diner food in the Midwest, but I love the update! My Greek salad was new, fresh and exciting with marinated cucumber "noodles" (right?!?).

Our table was near the door, unfortunately not out of earshot of the complaining customers. Gracious! People are rude. And those poor waitresses, my heart went out to them. First the insanity with the camera crew, now a new restaurant and then crazy people asking them questions they can't answer.

If you go this weekend, tip well!

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