Thursday, December 5, 2013

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note: this is a post from two weeks ago, and yes, I've now officially seen the "bean" twice.  enjoy!
a foggy morning in the city
I never think about going into the city.  I'm going to blame it on "suburbanitis".  I love big cities and traveling, I just never seem to remember that Chicago is in my backyard.  Sigh.  Anyway, after talking a Chicago-day for most of the summer, Sophia and Jason decided that we needed to just go!  They worked out a plan and Sophia put together the darlin'est goodie boxes with us with a formal invite for the day.  I love that girl!  

dan, abbe, levi & brooke | the big kids @ the bean
Our first stop (after coffee at Intelligentsia) was The Bean!  I can't believe that for living so close and all the traveling that we do, we've never seen this monument.  Check and check that off the list.
group shot @ the bean! | sophia, abbe, dan, jason, brooke & levi
I will never not love Sprinkles, the original cupcake bakery!  And they make gluten free red velvet!  Getting here was only about two miles of walking out of our way.  Nothing, right?!?  It was tops on my list, but the boys didn't want to wait in line us so they shopped while Brooke, Sophia and I waited it out.  The Cupcake ATM was down, which was a struggle, but somehow we pulled ourselves together and ordered some treats for the ride home.
Before heading to dinner, Sophia, myself and Brooke in front of the lions at the Art Institute!  I can't get enough of lion statues, I just love them so.  If only I could figure out a way to get one of these to fit in my room...

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