Thursday, December 19, 2013

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The Sound of Music is my favorite film & I was saddened to hear of Eleanor Parker's passing last week.  While Julie Andrews as Maria steals the show every time (as she should!), the role of the Baroness is often overlooked.

Ms. Parker played the role of the Baroness with such perfection, the way she walked across the room, the style of her clothing, her hair (I will always love that pouf!) & that low, gravely voice in which she spoke, made her character flawless.  You'd actually believe that she was royalty & from Vienna.  My friend Anna reminded me that Mr. Parker played in lots of other films, but let's be real, shall we?  I'm all about the Sound of Music.

Recently, I read an interview in the Wall Street Journal from a reporter on traveling, the best part was when she mentioned that she watches the Sound Of Music every time she flies.  It's her favorite movie & she claimed that the opening scene calms her.  I was imagining curling up in my seat with a hot Starbucks & watching my favorite film for 2.5 hours.  What could be better?  I downloaded it immediately onto my iPad & in the past 3 months have watched it more than 6 times.  I've yet to get tired of it.  The film is just beautiful & the storyline so rich that I catch new details every time I watch.

Thank you Ms. Parker for lending your beauty & talent to one of the most timeless films ever created.  You are a favorite & we will remember you with fondness.

Auf wiedersehen.

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