Wednesday, December 4, 2013

quotable | psalm 94:19

"In the multitude of my anxieties within me, Your comforts delight my soul" | Psalm 94:19 nkjv
I was barely two sips into my coffee this morning before I came across this verse.  My life is so full of good things right now, but don't ever forget that everyone has crosses that they must carry and burdens that they must bear.  No life is without it's pain.  My cares have been many of late, my thoughts have been crazy and my anxieties feel very, very real.  And on a morning when I wake up and just when I want to give up and bawl my eyes out, this, THIS, is the first thing I see.  

Truly, the Lord is good.

I loved this verse so much that I did a little digging into it.  ESV is my preferred translation of late, but I had grabbed a NKIV first and I read “Your comforts delight my soul”.  The word used for "comfort" is the same one used for children being comforted and held by their mothers.  And "delight" just happens to be my favorite word, it means "someone or something that provides a source of happiness".  What we see is a picture of God consoling us and then restoring our joy.  How beautiful is that.  David wrote this Psalm while on the run from his enemies, without the Lord protecting him,  he would have been slaughtered ten times over.  God not only protected him, but also, comforted and delighted his soul.

If your heart is heavy, you can rest on this today.

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