Friday, April 17, 2015

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I recently ordered this "creamy wild rose body wash" from Weleda and it's wonderful!  There is something about this romantic, timeless, scent that is lovely and calming.  In a way, it reminds me of my great Aunt Mae (for whom I'm named) and the way her bedroom and bathroom, which were so deliciously covered in all manner of chenille fabrics, always smelled powdery and perfectly "old lady-ish".  Mint green, Revlon cosmetics and the smell of bacon gravy with refrigerated biscuits always bring Aunt Mae memories to mind.  

She was such a precious little thing (our similarities end with our shared middle name, she was the tiniest! Although, I can wear her size 4 wedding band.  Okay, fine, it's a little tight...) and as my Mimi would say, she was "fix-y", which I think is the absolute best term for those people who like the chance to get all "fixed up and go out".  She wore sassy wigs (isn't that divine!), outfits that matched everything from head to toe and carried a "pocketbook". 

She was married to a Lutheran minister for decades, although she was raised Mormon (I'm not quite sure how they made that work).  She was a seamstress and always sewed a tie out of her leftover dress fabric so that her and Lawrence could match on Sundays.  I'm telling you, she was the cutest!  Apparently, he always had an opinion on what she was wearing and the rumor goes that if he didn't like her outfit, she changed.  They never had children, but she adored my mother and when I was born my parents called to tell her "it's a girl and her name is Abigail Mae", she was just beside herself.  I'm not saying I was her favorite, but when she passed away, I was the one she left her diamond earrings to.

Golly, how did I manage to get lost down memory lane?

All of that to say, I just adore this rose scented product.  The aroma is perfect, the packaging is beautiful and the product just feels luxurious.  Try it and see if it doesn't remind you of your favorite fancy elderly lady.  Tell me, do you have a beloved great aunt, grandmother, great-grandmother?  If so, what scents or products remind you of her?

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