Tuesday, April 14, 2015

thoughts | it's spring, emma

So I've grabbed a few minutes.  Office work is done for the day.  I had some student spreadsheet work for this summer's Lamplighter Guild that I've been procrastinating on for, oh, I don't know, a while...  The weather has changed and its lovely here.  High 60's otherwise known as "steamy hot" if you're from Wisconsin.  It rained last week and everything just burst into color, green grass, the ice finally melted off the lake and its a lovely blue color (sometimes greenish and sometimes grey, I love living near the water.)  I decided that spreadsheets just go better with fresh air and iced coffee, so I grabbed my things and walked the approximate one block to my Starbucks.

I was right.  That coffee made me breeze through the latest batch of updates.


They renovated our Starbucks last week.  We now have outdoor couches.  I'm currently enjoying them.  But not the music selection, per usual.  I'm not the person you want to have around when hip music is playing (music is so distracting for me, I'll pick up the words and make comments such as "did you just hear that? what is she trying to say?").  It's a problem.

Life just seems a little brighter in April.  It reminds me of that part in At Home in Mitford when Father Tim walks through the door and Emma peppers him with questions about why he looks different, he sighs and says "It's spring, Emma".  I feel that.  The relief to have made it through another winter and the joy of looking ahead to summer.  Even if it's still a few months away, there is a light at the tunnel kind of feeling.  I think everyone's just a little happier to be alive.

I've begun the search for the perfect white jeans.

Let's let that sink in for a few moments.  The white jean hunt is virtually the same as going out to look for a unicorn.  Possible, but highly unlikely.  If you know of any that are heavy denim, wide leg and come in a long length, be sure to send them my way!

On second thought, white jeans don't do so well when you spill coffee on them.  I spill a lot of coffee.  Most of my wardrobe is coffee colored.  It's practical to my life.

One more thing before I go, has anyone else been dealing with the nasty spring cold?  I've been down for 10 days, and just when I thought it was done, I woke up with a sore throat.  I've been trying to keep up my Crossfit workouts, but golly, you try doing burpees when your lungs don't want to cooperate.  Last night was a struggle.  The thought crossed my mind to just lay down on the rubber mat and take a nap.  You'll be happy to know I pushed through.  Inside I was crying.

My coffee is down to it's last sip, the playlist has switched again and I've got some cactus in the fridge that's calling my name (a post for another day).

Cheers!  And if it's sunny where you are, be sure to step outside for a minute or two!


  1. Hooray for spring!! Just reading your post is making me happy:)

    1. Thanks! I don't need to remind you that tomorrow is Tax Day, summer really is on it's way!

  2. Yes! There's just something about April 16 that always feels glorious:)