Thursday, April 2, 2015

delightful | a dream is a wish | part 3

Earlier this week I received an email from a dear friend of mine.  He said that while he had enjoyed my recent blog post featuring interviews from my little sisters after watching Cinderella, he felt as though "men were under represented".  I had to agree with him.

I've spent several days tracking down some men with discerning taste in order to get a interviews that would allow this blog to have a fair and un-biased viewpoint.  I strive to to please, y'all.  Okay, not really.

Let's get this rolling, shall we?

Wildflower is a friend of ours, most know him as Jesse, but we call him "Wildflower".  He lives in CA, is a musician and filmmaker, and an all around fun guy to hang out with.

abbe:  Can you tell me your age and profession?
wildflower:  20. I am a professional unicorn wrangler and I make films on the side. Rather exciting job most days.
abbe:  How often do you read my blog or how in the world did you find it?
wildflower:  Rarely. I stumbled upon the last article and interviews via Twitter through Brooke. For unicorn wranglers, anything with the words 'dream' and 'wish' is exciting.
abbe:  You recently viewed Cinderella, care to share the details?  Who did you go with?

wildflower:  Yes, I did. I have to say, the trailer in no way interested me, however I am a big fan of Disney and also having grown up watching Cinderella I determined to set out and view the film. I was also very pleasantly surprised at how much I ended up enjoying it.  I went with my Dad (we sat in the back of the theater...)
abbe:  As a filmmaker, what was your impression of this movie?

wildflower:  I actually enjoyed it. Kenneth Branagh, is a director I've enjoyed over the past few years.  He brought a unique viewpoint and style to the film. Also, the costumes were fantastic.
abbe:  Did you have a favorite scene?

wildflower:  Definitely the first dance at the ball. Speaking cinematically the combination of the costumes, the choreography and the cinematography were fantastic. Really helped to weave the story together... and after all, to the Cinderella story, the ball is a bit of a pinnacle.  
abbe:  Was it just me or were the princes eyes really weird?  What causes that?

wildflower:  I think it was just you. However, as far as what causes that, unicorn wranglers are the right people to ask! I shall leave that cloaked in mystery for another time.
abbe:  My favorite question: what was your movie watching snack?

wildflower:  Popcorn and an unfortunately melting Coke slushee. 
abbe:  You are also a musician, be honest, have you been humming the theme song nonstop?

wildflower:  No, I haven't but I was very impressed by the score.
abbe:  Anything else you want to say?

wildflower:  Only that if you enjoy Disney as I do then you should really enjoy the film. Cate Blanchett was fantastic, the prince was charming without being schmaltzy, Lily James was a fantastic casting decision and unicorns do in fact exist.

Calvin is my baby brother, he's the cutest.  Poor little guy has seven older sisters, when it comes to chick flicks, musicals and Disney movies, he's seen them all.  I caught up with him over the breakfast table...

abbe:  Can I ask you a few questions?
cal:  Hi.  How are you?
abbe:  Good.  Can you tell me what your name, age and profession 
cal:  6. Calvin.  Cut trees down, tomorrow is a work day.
abbe:  Are you a regular reader of my bog?
cal:  What's a blog?
abbe:  Awesome. Did you go see Cinderella?
cal:  Yep...
abbe:  And what did you think?
cal:  I liked it.
abbe:  Did you have a favorite part?
cal:  The sword fight.
abbe:  Figures.  What did you think about Prince Charming?
cal:  I liked him, he had cool sword.
abbe:  Who did you see the movie with? 
cal:  I went with Brooke, but it wasn't a date, we had, um ah, candy and popcorn and for a drink I'm pretty sure we had root beer, it was actually pretty good. We had small gummy bears and large gummy bears.
abbe:  Would you say it was a sampler of treats?
cal:  Um, what does that mean?
abbe:  Nevermind.  Did you fall asleep?
cal:  No but my foot hunted, both of them.
abbe:  Why is that?
cal:  I don't know, it was just a long movie.
abbe:  Is it just me or were the prince's eyes really weird
cal:  Kinda...

I was most curious to hear what Josh thought of Cinderella.  He's a producer in the Christian film industry (October Baby, Mom's Night Out and the awesome new Woodlawn coming out this fall!)  and is a Disney buff.  Here is his insiders opinion...

abbe:  Can you tell me your age and profession?
josh:  I'm 24 and technically a movie producer, but really a cat wrangler.
abbe:  That sounds vaguely familiar...  How often do you read my blog/
josh:  I've become a regular.  I think you told me about it or maybe I found it because I was googling my name and the movie I worked on (Mom's Night Out) and it came up.
abbe:  That's terrible!
josh:  It is narcissistic, but everyone does it.
abbe:  This is true.  You went to the theater to watch Cinderella, share the details!
josh:  My brother and I were the only males in our circle of friends who were secure enough in our masculinity enough to join our female counterparts in celebrating this Disney classic.
abbe:  This is wonderful!  You work in films, what was your impression of this movie?
josh:  I love how they honored the integrity of the original film but brilliantly reimagined it for a new generation.
abbe:  Well said.  Did you have a favorite scene?
josh:  I love a good underdog story so my favorite scene was when Prince Charming finally finds Cinderella at the end of the movie.  It's touching.
abbe:  That was touching. Was it me or were the prince's eyes really weird?  What causes that?
josh:  By weird, do you mean offensively blue?  I think good genetics?
abbe:  Is that what it was?  Okay, what did you snack on?
josh:  I think a coke slushee and caramel corn.
abbe:  You're a fan of Disney movies, did you catch any of the Easter eggs?
josh:  The villainous grey cat Lucifer from the original movie.
abbe:  Any thing else?
josh:  Yeah, I think the expectations for guys just went up.  Thanks Disney (I can't even dance.)
abbe:  Well, how are your sword fighting skills?

Daniel is my brother, we spend a lot of time together.  You could say we're pretty tight.  

abbe:  Let's get started, can you tell me your age and profession?
dan:  Daniel R. Powers, 21, Sales Account Manager
abbe:  How often do you read my blog or how in the world did you find it?
dan:  Quarterly - Whenever I see a link in FB
abbe:  You recently viewed Cinderella, care to share the details?  Who did you go with?
dan:  um, with friends a bro friend and some girls invited themselves along, per usual.  
abbe:  I had a great time.  What was your impression of this movie?
dan:  I'd say it was second best Cinderella adaptation I've seen.  Ever After is better and has more humor, this movie had better teeth.  love the teeth of everyone.  Such good teeth
abbe:  Interesting, teeth...  Did you have a favorite scene?
dan:  The scenery was incredible, I want to live there.  The fathers deathbed, when the prince curled up into the fetal position, it was real and raw.  Also the back story of the stepmother, that made sense to me.
abbe:  Was it just me or were the princes eyes really weird? 
dan:  His teeth were weird.
abbe:  But his eyes?
dan:  Yeah, didn't notice.  How about Cinderella eyebrows?  The eyes weren't as bad as Stephens in The Bible miniseries.
abbe:  My favorite question: what was your movie watching snack?
dan:  Nothing.  I kept it clean.  I'm on a diet.  
abbe:  Anything else you want to say?
dan:  Um, if that was a real kingdom I’d like to move there, Lilly James was an excellent casting decision, the main castle guard was cliche, the lizard was unique 
abbe:  Thanks.

I think you could say that these were some pretty glowing reviews from our male friends.  Did I forget to ask them anything?


  1. Oh my word! This is hilarious!! (Also, just saw it for the fourth time last night. *no shame*).

    And Abbe, you are totally overthinking the prince's eyes.

    1. Wasn't that too funny! And you are shameless!

  2. I haven't seen Cinderella yet, but this made me laugh so much! :)