Tuesday, May 27, 2014

doings | ten for may | recap

May isn't over yet, but I'm at the airport waiting for my next adventure to begin. Here's my recap
  1. Plan and post at least one outfit photo to the blog.    Nope, didn't happen. Sorry about that. I'll try again next month. I'm just not much of a fashion blogger. 
  2. Finish reading "I Married Adventure" by Osa Johnson (my new favorite!).    Yes! Read it and loved it!
  3. Read one book on Winston Churchill (such a fascinating character).    About halfway through... Does visiting the War Rooms count?
  4. Workout/Run three times per week.    Haha!  Oh my. Not even close, try again Abbe. 
  5. Complete application process for Global Entry.    Yes. And it's a great status to have!
  6. Attend opening night for Mom's Night Out - May 9th!    Yes!
  7. Try four new recipes (any suggestions?).    Um... I made a few things. Nothing too blog-worthy. 
  8. Continue to edit wardrobe down (I'm so inspired by this lady right now).    Yes ma'am. I bought a few things and have continued to get rid of things I don't wear or need. It feels so good!
  9. Host one small party (because I just love a good party).  I was hoping to do something tiny and fancy, but no. Instead my family hosted 150+ for Memorial Day. Definitely not small!
  10. Make something beautiful (my everyday goal).    Yes, I think so. Even if it's just cleaning something up, I'm in the business's of beautification. 
Not too shabby. A little over half way completed. I'm excited for June to begin!

What did you accomplish in May?

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