Thursday, May 22, 2014

thoughts | personality types

There's something you should know about me...

I get on these kicks where I'll find something new and fascinating and devote the next several weeks of my life to research.  Some might call it an obsession, I prefer to think of myself as a well-rounded individual.  Like that one time I read about honeybees for three months straight and mapped out a branding plan for my approximate, 3 annual jars of honey.  Or once, when I found out about this fabulous grocery store in the UK (Daylesford Organics).  How about anytime I plan an event?  Or read an article in the paper?  See also, Frank Lloyd Wright, Gone with the Wind and a random smattering of creative directors for clothing companies that most normal people have never heard of.


Several months ago I was doing some work-related research about Myers Briggs personality types.  About 20 minutes into my project I was just dying to know WHAT IS MY TYPE?!?!  Is there anyone who doesn't love these things?  There are quizzes for everything, personality type, love language, what is your temperament, what style of shoe best describes you, what flavor of frozen yogurt are you, etc.  In cases like this I would likely be a "quality time-kitten heel-cake batter-sour gummy worm" kinda girl.

It's a little narcissistic and yet fascinating at the same time.

On a deeper note, I believe that it might just be a desire that we all have to not feel so alone in this world.  To find another person who is "just like us".   To find our box and the people that belong in it.  To see that "our" weird isn't so weird after all.


Since this is my blog, and I've already done the research AND I can write about whatever I want.  So here's the down low on personality types.

Take the test here...

It all bases off of four main factors: how you focus on the outer world (Extroverted or Introverted), how you take in information (Intuitive or Sensing), how you make decisions (Thinking or Feeling) and how you structure the outside world (Judging or Perceiving).  These four factors can be combined to make sixteen different personality types.

I'm a INFJ (Introverted Intuitive Feeling Judging).  My results were absolutely dead on.  I printed out all of the info that came with my type and started to highlight everything that was "me". Basically the whole page.  Mine is the rarest personality type, with less than 1% of the population being an INFJ.

Which leads me to speculate that my weird, might actually, in fact, be, quite, "weird".

My parents are to thank for this confusing twist.  And it's funny to me, because, I've always felt that I was the "girl version" of my dad (introverted) with just enough of my mother's (extroverted) personality to keep people guessing.  Something that is very common to the INFJ, as most people are surprised to find that they are not extroverted.  And I've actually had arguments (calm down, sister) with people over the fact that I'm an introvert.

In an instant I learned so much about myself.  The way that I process things and learn and interact with others.  I basically forced Brooke and Dan to take the test and their results were highly accurate as well.  We've also spent a good bit of time talking about how much impact growing up in a large family has on your personality.  In case your wondering, the answer is A LOT.

Then I started googling, researching, famous INFJs.  Who knew that Elizabeth Bennett from Pride & Prejudice was one?  And suddenly it all makes sense.

Leave me a comment and let me know what your type is!


  1. Just took it and supposedly I'm ISTJ, coming in at 13% of the population. Maybe that's why we're such good friends. We're alike, yet different :)

  2. I got ISTP... which is funny, because all my friends who know about this stuff are positive I must be a J.