Thursday, May 1, 2014

doings | ten for may

Happy May Day!  I'm so excited that this month brings us closer to summer.  Here are a few things that I'm hoping to accomplish in the next four weeks...
  1. Plan & post at least one outfit photo to the blog
  2. Finish reading "I Married Adventure" by Osa Johnson (my new favorite!)
  3. Read one book on Winston Churchill (such a fascinating character)
  4. Workout/Run three times per week 
  5. Complete application process for Global Entry
  6. Attend opening night for Mom's Night Out - May 9th!
  7. Try four new recipes (any suggestions?)
  8. Continue to edit wardrobe down (I'm so inspired by this lady right now)
  9. Host one small party (because I just love a good party)
  10. Make something beautiful (my everyday goal)
Here's to successful endeavors!  

What's on your list for May?


  1. I love your fashion sense so I'm looking forward to the outfit post. ;-) I like to think I could be a fashion blogger, but then reality hits me that I basically fail at my outfits at least half the time. LOL!

    1. Someday's I like to think I could be a fashion blogger as well and then I realize that FB's are only as good as their photographers AND since my family does not enjoy taking photos of me wearing pretty clothes, its a no-fly-zone. If only you lived closer, we could take turns photographing each others outfits!

    2. I would totally go for that!! (And it really is true. Photos can make or break a blog!). Photographing for a fashion blog would be super fun!! Hmm, I need to find you a husband within 5 miles of me...... um.... yeah, don't hold your breath. ;-)
      As a side note, Mom got me a statement watch for my birthday, and while it's a cat watch and cats aren't necessarily your thing, it is also white and I feel like you when I wear it. It's a good feeling, in case you were wondering. *end of rabbit trail*