Tuesday, January 29, 2013

delightful | sephora's cinderella collection

How this managed to escape my radar, I'll never know.  But, Oh My Gracious! While shopping at sephora last night, my sister and I just happened to see the new Cinderella collection at Sephora!                           

At the risk of sounding immature and ridiculous, I'm telling you, Cinderella is my girl!  I watched that movie hundreds of times when I was a tiny girl.  Somehow I've always identified with her.  Apparently, its very common in this culture.  The identification with characters in fairy tales.  I have a friend who was Belle, just Belle, another who wanted to grow up and be a mermaid.  As humorous as it all is, I love a good story.  Cinderella happens to be my favorite.
 As I've gotten older I now appreciate different parts that make the movie so timeless, I will always love the story, and her prince!  The animation is spectacular!  Those colors and shadows throughout the film.  The songs!  A perfect soundtrack for rainy days like today, and especially good cleaning music.
My sister thought that the eyeshadow palette was lame (what does she know anyway?), I wasn't completely sold on it myself until I looked it up on Sephora's website and discovered that every color is custom matched to the original Panetone's from the movie.  My little color snob heart just leaped in joy!  Just look at the colors that they chose!
The perfume is called "So this is love".  I'm speechless!

The compacts both feature beautiful artwork and etched quotes on the inside.  Lovely!

Read all about it here!

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