Sunday, January 20, 2013

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Nasty, this flu virus.

My whole family (well about 10 of us so far) have gotten some variation of this bug.

Goodness, I think the whole world has been affected (or is that "infected"?). We had about 2/3 of our church out today. I was feeling okay, until about the middle of Dad's sermon. That's when my sinuses decided to give out.

So not lovely.

I've had plenty of soup and liquids today. I even washed down a handful of vitamins with an orange alka-seltzer. Talk about delicious! Remembering to take vitamins just makes me feel so smug.

Also, who knew that raspberry Emergen-C tasted so good? All these years I've been suffering through the "super orange" and "lemon-lime" when they make such a delightful raspberry! I feel like my world has been changed for the better. The sky is a little more blue!!!

Clearly, I'm all about the cheap thrills.

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