Thursday, January 31, 2013

travels | hot mess road trip | day one

We left our house at 5:03am this morning. Eleven of us headed out for what we have coined "the hot mess road trip". It started out as two separate events on two consecutive weekends and somehow morphed into a two-ish week long gypsy caravanning vacation thing. It's okay, I'm confused too.

Renting a Mercedes Sprinter van was one of the best ideas we've had yet. My parents get all the credit for that! As one of the tallest members in the family, I'm loving the extra headspace! And we're all feeling remorse over the fact that we've barely filled half the luggage compartment. Such a delightful problem to have!

Lots of snow and traffic in Indiana delayed us for a few hours. Of course! But we were able to get to the Marriott in plenty of time for me to blow dry my hair and freshen up my face before tonight's dinner. I'm a happy girl.

And Diet Dr Pepper is delicious.

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