Wednesday, May 29, 2013

delightful | masquerade ball

Before the ball begins - unmasked.
Warming up with a practice dance.
Guess who???
The last dance of the evening.

Our sweet friends, Kathryn and Tara hosted a masquerade ball several weekends ago. I'm not even a dancer, but there was no way I was passing this one up!  It was at the most amazing venue I've seen yet, a perfectly renovated barn with a hunting lodge flair.  Complete with a giant moose head on the wall.  So fabulous!


  1. Am I allowed to comment on your secret blog? :-) (you did tell me about it, after all...). Thank you AGAIN for your help with the ball!! We appreciate it so much and it made decorating way more fun to have you and Brooke there!
    That last picture is very cool! Perhaps a little on the creepy side, but hey... we all know there were no ghosts there. ;-)

  2. Of course you're allowed to comment! We will help anytime dear, it was a blast. Thanks for throwing such a fun party!