Friday, May 31, 2013

travels | up north in tall pines

We spent Memorial Day weekend at the cabin.  The pine trees block any and all 3G signals up there and I tend to alternate between really enjoying the iPhone fast and a mild panic because my email won't download.  Its a struggle.
This little guy didn't mind at all, he played in the dirt the WHOLE time... and loving it!
The kids cooked dinner over the campfire one night.  Mom & Dad went on a date and left us to do our thing.  Our thing just happened to be "hobo dinners" (such an un-PC name for ground beef, potatoes and carrots wrapped in foil and burned) and banana boats. 
Clearly we're all "Country Living" while away.  Tin-foil dinners, watermelon and a ketchup bottle on the table.  Photo shoot worthy.
Cabin food!  So delicious, the ketchup really rounds out the charred flavor.  And pairs perfectly with diet coke.  Health nut, what?
Daniel putting out the raft via kayak.  I see no way this could end poorly.  The water was only about -55 degrees, but he managed to get it hooked up without getting wet.  Our neighbors were out on the jet skis and some other crazy people were out water-tubing. 
The weather was perfect!  We spent a lot of time out in the sunshine, reading, friends came up to visit for several days (bringing their precious baby boy), and we celebrated a birthday.  A great start to the summer!

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