Friday, May 31, 2013

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While at the cabin last week we made a day trip to Bayfield.  Its a lovely little town on the shores of Lake Superior.  Very far north, but it had been years since I've been here and it was a yearly stop for us growing up. 
Not everyone in the family was thrilled with spending more time in the car, so it ended up just being Mim, Lydia, Miss Grace, Dad and me.  A pretty fun group if I do say so myself.
 My heart!
Lunch at the Pickled Herring!  I'm blaming it on my German roots.  They use a 100 year old recipe and fish straight out of the lake.  Dad and I both ordered the Smokehouse Salad that had pieces of smoked trout on it.  So delicious! 
After a few hours of walking around town, shopping, buying Miss Grace a sweatshirt (hello tourist!), lunching and such, we grabbed coffee for the road.  It was some very cool, very hipster coffee shop called Big Water Roasters.  I ordered a Lavender Mocha, simply because I've never heard of one before.  Oh gracious!  It was the most unbelievably good mocha I've ever had!  The perfect dark chocolate mocha flavor, where you can taste both espresso and chocolate and then just the slightest hint of herbal lavender.  The barista said they make their own lavender syrup.  Of course they do...
I've been dreaming about that one ever since.

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