Thursday, May 16, 2013

travels | st. louie

We spent last weekend on a whirlwind trip to St Louis, MO for a conference Dad was speaking at. I say "whirlwind" because we spent twelve hours driving and less than fourty eight hours in Missouri. That was about eleven and a half hours more of the Illinois flatland than I'd prefer to look at. Your eyes start to burn and you see mirages. "Is that a Starbucks out in that field?". Strange location for a coffee shop...

The conference was great! Definitely one of my favorite. I might be biased, but dad's sessons were pretty brilliant. I'm still take notes when he speaks. There was so much good information going on, my favorite was something our good friend said about the "half a percent rule". If you can do something today, one half a percent better than you did yesterday, it might not seem like much but it will add up to big results. I've been working on that all week!  

We squeezed as much friend-time in as possible, catching up over meals and in the hallways.  Brooke and I even managed to sneak out on a beautiful Saturday morning and found adventure in the form of a historic downtown. My night owl friends miss out on little things like misty mornings near the river, perfect sunshine and local coffee beans. I've given up on explaining my deep love of early mornings.  They will never understand.  After two hours of saying goodbye (we like to drag these things out) we drove home in time for dad to preach Sunday's message and to celebrate Mothers Day. 

It was my favorite kind of weekend. 

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