Friday, August 2, 2013

doings | angelo's take two

Last week Daniel and I were at the office early meeting with the rep from the moving company and once he'd left we realized it was still pretty early and neither of us had eaten breakfast. We were on our way to get coffee and instead decided to turn right and go to Angelos. 
I hadn't been there since right after they finished filming the tv show and had meant to swing by for breakfast. Perfect timing!
I ordered the veggie skillet, Daniel ordered the sweet potato pancakes and... Hey! Guess what?!? For diner food it was pretty good!  The waitresses were super nice, the same staff they've had for years. The local "old boys club" was meeting in the middle of the restaurant, tables pushed together, lots of laughs and coffee cups scattered around. 

My sister forwarded me an article from the local independent newspaper interviewing "Angelo", staff and various local patrons. Hilarious! Apparently, some people (who shall remain nameless) think that the chairs are a little hard. But for the most part, good changes and a great little boost for our town. 

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