Thursday, August 15, 2013

finds | giovanni straight fast hair product

Summer is not kind to my hair.  I've spent the last eight or so years trying to figure out how to get my hair to stay in its nicely blowdryed style.  It doesn't like to cooperate.  It frizzes, curls up and then gets these strange kinks in it if a hair-tie even touches it.  Hot mess.

The last few weeks especially have been trying.  The humidity has been far from normal and my regular regime of hair product hasn't been holding up.  I needed to try something new and happened upon this product at TJ Maxx.  I'm familiar with Giovanni because they are one of the more natural haircare brands out there and I would see them at the Natural Products Expo every year.  This is the first time I've used a styling product from them, and I AM REALLY IMPRESSED!  Currently, I'm on day two of my blowout and my hair feels so smooth and tamed.  Even after a rainy morning!

The real test was spending last weekend in Texas.  Test passed!  I'm a fan of this hair-gunk!

Find it at your local Whole Foods or right here.

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