Wednesday, August 7, 2013

the summer bucket list | 2013

I always begin to panic mid-July, realizing that summer is almost over and I haven't done a single thing I promised myself I'd do while I was freezing during a blizzard in January. Things, like, get the tan of my life, go to the beach everyday (obviously I was out of my mind from the cold), finally take sailing lessons, go golfing, etc. What was I thinking?
Anyway… This summer has flown by so far! We're finally moved into our new office, I coordinated a wedding, I've been spending my spare time volunteering at a historic mansion, we've traveled, we've just plain been busy and my tan isn't looking to shabby either.
A couple weekends ago I told Brooke that "today is the perfect day to check something off the summer bucket list". And she said "what bucket list?". At that point we realized that neither of us had a formal plan for the rest of our summer days. I jotted mine down on paper and she, in typical Brooke fashion, kept hers mental. I'm guessing it looks like this; "attempt new personal record for most sprinkle cones consumed in six week time frame". Or something like that… I'm kidding! Although, we do like to put the hurt on some sprinkle cones, especially on Saturday nights.
I, ahem, wrote mine out, in typical Abbe fashion, a bullet-pointed list. It'll be fun to see how far I get. What's on your summer bucket list?
  1. Go Swimming    
    (at least once, I love to swim, but never seem to be able to find a pool.)
  2. Attend an outdoor concert
    (so delightful!)
  3. Walk around the lake
    (Its only 26 miles, if only I could find somebody to come with me…)
  4. Go camping
    (yes, I said "camp")
  5. Visit Yerkes
    (see the stars!)
  6. Have a real picnic
    (with ants and everything)
  7. Have a gelato tasting party
    (a la The Glitter Guide)
  8. Take the kiddos to Old World Wisconsin
    (for freee!)
  9. Eat tomatoes
  10. Have tea at The Baker House
    (because it would be lovely!)

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