Tuesday, January 3, 2012

January 3, 2012

Goodness, 2012 already.  Today felt very much like the first of the year, and now that I've successfully caught up on sleep, thanks to the past long weekend, its time to get back to other things.  Things like work, fresh book lists, and life in general.

It was a great day back at the shop.  Physical inventory for the new year began, funny customer interactions were had by all (gentleman standing in the window display talking on the phone, true story), a quick meeting with a new vendor, and putting away the Christmas decor.  I called city hall to find out what this year's policy on Christmas tree disposal was, would you believe that they asked me what time I'd like it picked up?  We settled on 3:30pm.  I love my town.  That left me with the impossible decision of either taking my brittle tannenbaum through the shop, down the stairs  and out the back door to the alley OR out the front door and past the attorney's office, through the parking lot and up the street to the alley.  In the end I decided on hauling it out the front.  I chose not having to sweep pine needles for the next six months over my pride.  It must have been a sight, me hauling a six food tree by my cashmere mittened hand down the sidewalk.  And then to see me come sprinting back up the sidewalk two minutes later.  In my defense it was 17 degrees out and I hadn't worked out this morning.  How invigorating!

So that was work.  How about my book list?  Last year (you know, that thing that ended three days ago), I read 26 books.  I failed miserably at completing my goal of 52.  It seemed easy at this time last year, one book per week.  But it got away from me and I was farther and farther behind.  This year I have every intention of making all 52 happen.  I started two new books today, after spending some time in personal devotions this morning, I settled on Desiring God by John Piper and a nutrition book from the 1970's.  I'll tackle the guerrilla marketing book tomorrow.

And life in general.  Happy and blessed.  I'm incredibly hopeful for this beautiful new year.  And I took my multivitamin today. That always makes me feel on top of things.

How was your day?

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