Friday, January 6, 2012

January 6, 2012

My top priority this week was to create a new window display in the shop.  I love my shop location, it's on a historic square and the building is over a hundred years old.  The large display window, however, is one of my biggest trials.  

The previous shopkeeper (she expanded and moved three shops down from me) had a gorgeous home decor store and her specialty is displays.  Her background was actually in theater set design and every three months she closes the shop for several days, completely re-decorates the shop for the next season and then throws an invite only grand re-opening party.  The parties are always themed, the food is delicious and the mayor comes out to unveil the new window.  It's such a big deal in our small town that there is actually security at the door.  But anyway, enough about the town social calendar, back to my window.  She's a tough act to follow and even though we're in totally different industries, I still feel that people expect something amazing.  

I try to stay sharp and notice other shop's displays and of course the Internet can be helpful too (my sister and I are always debating who's better at google image search!).  But I was armed with an idea, or actually a picture from Pinterest, and took off yesterday afternoon to visit all of the antique shops in hopes of finding all of the items needed.  My goal was to have this finished by closing last night, but the table wouldn't fit into the back of my Jeep.  That meant coming in today, on my day off, and getting it checked off my list.  Ah, the perks to being the person in charge.

But it all worked out fine.  I'm pretty happy with the results.  That scale was a total find and I think it adds a lot to the whole look.  And it only took me about an hour to get everything set up, not too shabby.  We'll see what the customers have to say about this.  They're usually pretty good about voicing their opinions.

Now let me tell you about my coffee!  I'm hanging out one of my favorite coffee shops this afternoon.  It's a local place that is really amazing!  I had a meeting earlier this week with one of the owners to talk about bringing their coffee into my shop.  That will be happening later this month and I think it will be a great new product offering.  The only bad thing is that the actual cafe is too far away to visit regularly.  Today, I have the time to spare.  I'm currently sipping a Jamaican Blue pour over.  The poor Batista was totally scared to make it, either that or I was making him nervous. It's a really complicated technique that includes scales, precise grounds, and swirling hot water.  But very much worth the extra effort.  The best part was drinking it out of a ceramic mug.  I love days that allow me to take my time and enjoy the simple things in life.

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