Wednesday, January 4, 2012

January 4, 2012

I'm becoming one of those girls.  You know that small-town girl who knows everyone she passes on the street.  My daily jaunt for a tall cup of coffee is becoming longer and longer.  Today, my trek included two "hello!"'s to the UPS guy, one on the way there one on the way back, he's from Argentina, a quick chat with Barista #1 about the new blonde roast of which we are both excited, sweet comments from Baristas #2 and #3, they remind me of "church ladies" and are both delightful, and one more greeting was exchanged as I walked past the angled parking spots and noticed an old co-worker.  Community is a beautiful thing.  

The clincher today was when I made a much-needed trip to Wal-Mart.  Because of my shop, I try to keep my Wal-Mart trips down to a minimum, but unfortunately, I couldn't go another day without my favorite hairspray.  And my sister needed pore strips.  To much information?  Should I say, "needed to pick up a few personal items?".  There, much better.  Anyway, I had barely greeted the greeter when I crossed paths with my neighbor, the one who lives next to the shop, he and I have the kind of relationship where I wonder who was wishing harder that the other hadn't seen them.  Probably me.  And then there SHE was, another customer, right there!  I tried not to look in her cart and kept moving forward.  All the while thinking, who could possibly be next?  My second cousin Steve?  Don't laugh, it's happened before.  Thankfully there wasn't anyone else.  The check out lady said it looked like I was having a party.  I assured her I was.  With pore strips and hairspray.  

I didn't get around to the book on guerrilla marketing today.  But I actually placed an ad today and several other things were crossed off my to-do list.  Small victories.

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