Monday, February 11, 2013

travels | hot mess road trip | day eight


One of the most amazing and beautiful states in America!

We left our hotel early-early that morning. Which usually means my winged eyeliner is a little more than off. It's so hard to get them to match when I'm half asleep.

The last leg of the trip was relatively short, only about four hours until we pulled into San Antonio. I was delighted to finally be done traveling, at least for a few days. Old San Antone feels more and more familiar to me and has become such a special city filled with my favorite people.

Our afternoon was spent at a fabulous Italian restaurant downtown were we helped to host a baby shower for dear friends. It was the best baby shower I've been to yet! Bunches of our family's friends showed up, and it was a beautiful venue with great food. Everyone had such a good time chatting that the restaurant had to kick us all out onto the patio before the evening rush! That never happens...

Thursday night was opening ceremonies to the San Antonio Independent Christian Film Festival! This is an event that my family has attended for the past four years and look forward to every time. Several thousand people gather to watch and support films that honor the Lord. It's always exciting to see the films that come through that end up making a huge impacts in people's lives. We heard some great introductions to the films and lectures an would start tomorrow. We're looking forward to it!

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