Tuesday, February 12, 2013

travels | SAICFF | day ten

The movies I wanted to see didn't start until later in the afternoon so I spent the morning catching up with friends from California. We covered some important topics like, hair, theology, hair theology, grey sweatshirts and such. Clearly we're group were a diverse crowd.

Lunch was something like popcorn, m&ms and a bottle of Aquafina. Because what's a vacation if you can't eat balanced meals while on the run. Seriously, I'm so looking forward to being home with a fridge full of organic veggies.

I caught the first half of "The Lost Medallion" which was a great film that my younger siblings loved. It was like a funny, family friendly, young Indian Jones flick. I had to leave early and head to a different theater to see a documentary produced by friends of ours. "The Birth Control Movie" I was so proud of the amazing job they did on this controversial film. Google it to stay up to date on their next installment.

That was the last movie on my hit list for the festival and I was able to spend a good long time having coffee with a friend before dinner. Sweet times!

Dinner was hilarious! We went to Fogo de Chao, one of those gut busting Brazilian steakhouses, with about 30 friends. The guys were thrilled. They give each guest a double sided coaster, one side is green which means "BRING ON THE MEATS!" and the other, red, which means "STOPPP!!!" Me, not exactly being a carnivore, was a little apprehensive. I asked one of the "gauchos" when they'd be bringing the fish out and said "ma'am, this is a steakhouse, we have beef, chicken, lamb and pork". Well then. I opted for lamb and some more salad bar.

The highlight of my day was the awards ceremony that night. I wore a floor length black sequin skirt. It's not every day I get to do that. It fits amazingly and makes a great swishing noise! I paired it with a grey crew neck sweater, silver flats and a bun. A pretty good outfit if I do say so myself. Unfortunately, the only photo I got of it was in the elevator before heading up to bed and I look a little more than exhausted. The awards ceremony was INCREDIBLE! I told Mr. Philips that it was my favorite one yet. He loved that. Every film that won was absolutely deserving of it. My friends won "Best Commercial" for the promo of their kids history app called "Founding Fathers". It was so fun to watch them win!

They put on an incredible show that night with the climax being the grand prize winner. I have never heard a more incredible acceptance speech in my life than that of Brian Ivie. I need to upload the video later, but My Word, there wasn't a dry eye in the room as he shared his testimony and cried at the goodness of GOD. I was so sorry to have missed seeing his film "Dropbox" about a pastor in South Korea who puts a Dropbox on the side of his house for parents to leave their severely disabled children that they don't want anymore. Talk about mind blowing. Because of his love and selflessness, over 24 children have been saved from death and are being cared for every day. An unbelievable example of the love of CHRIST.

And that was a wrap on the 2013 SAICFF!

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