Sunday, February 3, 2013

travels | hot mess road trip | day four

No actual road tripping today. Unless you count driving to church. Oh, and a quick journey to Whole Foods for Nutella and other staples (like chocolate... and stuff).

Sweet nectar of life.

Apparently yesterday was National Crepe Day (what???) and since we got in late last night and Aunt Robin was out of Nutella, we postponed it until today. Better late than never! Right? Anyway, they turned out great! I grabbed a basic crepe recipe off my epicurious app, super blended the batter, let it sit and then proceeded to make about 47,000 of the little delicacies. They went over kinda well. Who doesn't love tiny pancakes with magical hazelnut spread? I'm not sure. It's so fun to cook in someone else's kitchen, especially when they give you free reign. And Aunt Robin's is pretty spectacular!

We had the best super bowl party ever! No football and no tv! Just some quality kitchen time, roasted marshmallows in the fireplace, and crepes with the funniest people you've ever met.

Possibly my favorite one yet.

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