Tuesday, February 12, 2013

travels | hot mess road trip | day eleven & twelve

The Sunday after the festival is always one of my favorite days. After church, friends of ours throw a huge party and we stay up until the last minute possible. It's bittersweet for me because it signifies the end and because I hate to say goodbye.

After hours of talking, laughing, slipping out with a friend to go to sbx for a few hours (they never missed us!) and still catching up with friends, somebody walked in with two dozen hot Krispy Kremes. That was it! Those babies disappeared in three seconds flat! Naturally somebody needed to make another doughnut run. Brooke, me and bunch of others piled into somebody's van (and you're now thinking that this sounds rather sketchy...) and journeyed off into the night.

Someone has got to be the hero.

Walking back in the door with eight dozen hot glazed doughnuts and Krispy Kreme hats made us instant celebs. And then the mob almost trampled past us to get them. Ah, fame is fleeting.

And sadly all things must end. We started the painful process of saying goodbye to about fifty thousand people and headed back to the city for four hours of sleep before hitting the road.


We pulled out of San Antonio around 4:50am just in time for sbx to open at 5am and to avoid traffic in Austin. The kids slept for hours and I got a chance to enjoy the quiet. I've got enough of my mom in me to be able to keep up with extroverts but I need the alone time to process. Haha! Alone time. In a van with ten other people. Hey, you take what you can get!

Our plan was to hit St. Louis, but we actually made it even farther, all the way to Springfield, IL! Goodness! 17 hours straight in the car. I think we all deserve medals.

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