Monday, February 11, 2013

travels | SAICFF | day nine

Let the movie watching commence!

I'm a lone morning bird among my extreme night owl friends, which sometimes means that you end up kicking off a film festival by sobbing your way through a documentary. Solo.

It's fun.

My family was busy socializing and I was hoping to hit a short film promoting and then slip out before the next documentary started. That plan doesn't work when you're one of ten people in the theater! I ended up watching the Lamplighter Guild short (which was great and won an award!) and then staying to watch a documentary by Samaritans Purse Ministries. I'm so glad I stayed. It followed Mongolian children who were brough to America to be given life saving heart surgeries. If you get the chance check out "Three Hearts". Like I said, it made me cry. A lot.

Then we stocked up some popcorn (mandatory for movie watching) and headed into a crowded theater for the amazing true life story of Hans Poley portrayed in the film "The Return to the Hiding Place". It was so packed out that I ended up sitting on the floor, watching for over two hours. This was my favorite movie of the year! I was blown away by the story line, with the resistance movement in Nazi Germany, the sovereignty of GOD in dark times and the faith of the characters. I believe this film will be premiering later this spring. It got my audience choice vote and I was thrilled to find out that it won by a landslide! Keep and eye out for it and support it!

The rest of the afternoon was spent catching up with friends from all over the place. These events are so special to me because of the friendships that have come out of them. Some of the dearest people to me in the world. It was exceptionally fun to head out to a special dinner with huge group of people before the big premier of "Alone Yet Not Alone"! I'd read the book when i was much younger and know quite a few people who worked on set and was looking forward to finally seeing it. The best part was watching my three year old brother's reactions! So funny!

Three year olds are so transparent.

I love that.

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