Wednesday, February 6, 2013

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To the beach!


I was so excited about our hotel. A historic property used during several wars as a hospital and also army training base. It had neat little features like a cannon that's fired off everyday at 4pm into the bay (very cool and very loud!), afternoon tea in the lobby and The Food Network on the TV!

Dad was all about the seafood for dinner. Oh gracious. After extensive Yelping and reading a couple thousand reviews we decided on some place called Felix's. Y'all it was extremely fetching from the highway, with it's 50 foot red plastic fish out in front. The food must've been great because the place was packed out and they sent us down the road to their sister restaurant, Bluegills.

Which featured oyster half shells stacked up in the parking lot, flashing lights and sombreros stapled to the ceiling. I also heard a rumor that the little boys room had a rusty minnow bucket for a sink. AND the food was awesome! I tried raw oysters for the first time. They were so delicious! I'm an adventurous eater, I'll try anything once. Even the alligator bites that Mim ordered. We had a great time eating all that fried junk dipping it in ranch dressing the whole time!

Thankfully we had a little drive to get back to the hotel, you know, an hour to give the grease a chance to settle before the kiddos went swimming.

That was a good call.

After that we were all so worn out that we just laid on our beds and watched Chopped. Have you ever watched that show? Four chefs are given "mystery baskets" that contain random ingredients, such as, salmon, soy sauce, graham crackers and gummy bears. Then they have twenty minutes to come up with an edible appetizer. The judges (who are celebrity chefs) then tastes the dishes and say witty things like "I like how you diced the gummy bears and blended them into the remoulade sauce that you drizzled onto the teriyaki salmon patty, but I was really looking for more creativity and hoping that the "gummy" flavors would come through cleaner". Then they "chop" someone out and move onto entree and dessert.

Yeah. It's very entertaining.

Brooke, Dan and I were in different rooms watching the same show so we kept a running text commentary. I love doing that! Sometimes, I'll watch movies with my friend who lives in TX, we start it at the same time and text goofball comments for two hours. It keeps us connected. Anyway, I was giggling so hard at their hilariousness, and when my brother really got into it and started sweating over the timers. "Oh no! Times up and she forgot to put the lima bean sprouts on the plate!!!".

You'd better believe they chopped her for that one.

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